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How to make Atomic Chicken

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How to make Atomic ChickenHow to make Atomic Chicken

Here is an easy grilled chicken recipe using the award-winning Firebug Grilling Sauce and the staff favorite Cattleman’s Grill 8 Second ride. This wet-grill method keeps the chicken juicy and tender.

Atomic Chicken Recipe



Using a good boning knife (See our own selection of boning knives here), remove the skin from the chicken thigh completely, set it aside for later use. Trim all the fat from the chicken, trimming the chicken into equally sized pieces.

Apply Cattleman's Grill Carne Asada Rub liberally to both sides of the trimmed thighs. Take the chicken skins and reattach them, trimming any excess. If necessary, secure the skin to the thighs using toothpicks. For best results use a spray oil or butter on the bottom of the pan and place the chicken thighs in rows.

Preheat your Yoder Smokers YS640 (or other smoker), to 275°F. Place the foil pan on the smoker. After 30 minutes pour chicken stock into the bottom of the pan until you have roughly 1/4" of standing liquid. After another 30 minutes, take foil and cover the top of the pan. Pull the chicken at 180°F (use the Maverick PT-75 thermometer for fast and accurate temperature readings), which should take roughly 30 more minutes, giving you a 90-minute cook time.

Take 1/4 cup of Firebug Grilling Sauce Hot BBQ Sauce that is at or slightly above room temperature and glaze the top of the chicken. Let rest for 5 minutes, serve and enjoy!

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