What You Need to Know About Small Batch Seasonings

Small Batch Seasoning Steak

What You Need to Know About Small Batch Seasonings

When it comes to adding flavor to your food, ingredients matter. And nothing represents the importance of quality ingredients better than a small batch seasoning.

Today there are a growing number of small batch producers who care deeply about creating carefully assembled, precisely made seasonings. And the flavors they create can give the meal you're making the extra kick it needs while giving you good vibes along the way.

  Small Batch 101  


Small batch is a general term for products made in smaller quantities than those made in large commercial production facilities. Because they are made in smaller quantities, they don’t typically contain anti-caking agents, preservatives or other ingredients needed to extend shelf life.

Seasonings created in a small batch have fresh, natural ingredients than can be easily seen in the bottle. The ingredient list is short and easy to read. If one of the ingredients reminds you of the periodic table, odds are you're looking at something mass produced.

Small Batch Recipes vs. Commercially Produced

Large-scale production is an appealing option for companies with the primary objective to deliver a large quantity of seasoning to large grocery chains that's shelf stable and has uniform texture, flavor and color. The way to fit that form is to scale up the recipe.

The challenge with scaling up a recipe is even the most delicious combinations can start to lose their luster as volume rises. At a certain point, anti-caking agents and preservatives have to be added to maintain the flavor profile and texture of the seasoning.

Commercial producers also must consider the shelf life of the product. When making enough of a seasoning blend to fill orders for thousands of grocery stores, the product won't go straight to grocery shelves. It will likely sit in a warehouse or distribution center for months or longer, another reason anti-caking agents and preservatives are added.

By making smaller quantities for local, independent retailers or to be sold directly from the maker, small batch producers are able to focus on craftsmanship. With smaller quantities, small batch producers can often deliver a more natural, high-quality product rich in flavor.

The Question of Cost

Small batch products have a reputation for being more expensive. Some options for getting around cost concerns:

  • Make It Last: Small batch seasonings often have stronger flavor because they have fresher ingredients. And because the taste is stronger, you can often use less to get the same level of seasoning that you would with a commercially produced seasoning blend. Experiment with quantities to see what works for you.
  • Support Small Business: Many small batch producers are small business owners. When you buy from them, you are supporting a small business.
  • Get Creative: Just because the seasoning bottle says it’s made for brisket, don't limit yourself to just brisket. Try it on potato dishes, soups or stews, grilled veggies or even popcorn. Pork seasonings work well on poultry dishes, and poultry seasonings can do double-duty when cooking seafood or a light pasta dish. Small batch smoked salts can add a wow factor to sweet treats like chocolate chip cookies.

Here's another little tip: Our staff is filled with experienced home cooks who use the seasonings we carry. Reach out and ask for suggestions!

In the end, the most popular recipes are made even better when you use a small batch seasoning. We believe it's worth the effort on the part of the producer, and we think it's worth a difference in price, too.


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