The Easiest Spatchcock Chicken Recipe for Your Kamado Joe Grill

Easy Spatchcock Chicken

Chef Eric Gephart shares the very first recipe he ever cooked on a Kamado Joe-- his Spatchcock Chicken. This time he fires up the Kamado Joe Pellet Joe to make this flavor-packed chicken.

The Easiest Spatchcock Chicken Recipe for Your Kamado Joe 

Yield: 1 Whole Chicken 




Stabilize your grill between 300° and 325° F. Set your grill up for a direct cook but bank your coals to one side and place your grill grates at the highest setting of the Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer cooking system.

While the grill is coming to temperature, use a pair of kitchen shears or chef’s knife and cut the backbone out of the bird. Place the bird, breast meat side down and tap the top of the keel bone with a chef knife to crack the breastbone and flatten the bird.

Cut off the ankle joints of the bird and allow the meat and skin to retreat while the bird cooks.

Lift the skin of the breast meat near the neck region. Gently create pockets on each side between the skin and the meat. Season and stuff with herbs and 2 pats of butter on each side.

Slightly oil the outside of the bird, season the bird, and fold the wings behind.

Place the fabricated and seasoned bird on the Grill Grates with the leg portions over the banked charcoal side. The legs/dark meat need to cook to a higher temp than the white breast meat. This will ensure that the bird comes to temp at the same time.

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Depending on the size of the bird, cook 1 hour to 1:15. Aim for an internal temperature of 160° on the breast meat and 170° to 175° on the leg/dark meat. The bird will be smoked by its own drippings and the dripping of the butter caramelizing on the glowing embers below. I love this type of smoke seasoning.

Rest the bird and carve it or place it whole on a platter whole. Never underestimate the majesty of a whole bird presentation. Once sliced, this meat can be an entree on its own, put on a salad or served on tacos.

Enjoy! Chef E


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