Cajun Grilled Oysters

How to make Cajun Grilled Oysters

Chef Tom fires up the Clementi Wood Fired Oven for an incredible, simple Cajun Grilled Oysters recipe. The perfect appetizer to warm up your pizza oven!

Cajun Grilled Oysters Recipe



Build a wood fire in the center of the deck of the Clementi Pulcinella 80x60 Wood Fired Pizza Oven. As the initial fire breaks down into coals, slide the coals off to the side, contained with the burn grate. Continue to add sticks of wood to feed the fire.

Place the oysters, rounded side down, on the cooking rack grate of the Clementi Multicooking System. Swing the oysters into the oven and next to the fire. Grill the oysters just until the shells open. Carefully remove from the grill and place on a cooling rack or rock salt, to prevent them from tipping over.

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While the oysters cook, combine the butter, hot sauce, lemon juice, crushed garlic and blackening seasoning in a Lodge 8” Cast Iron Skillet. Place in an indirect cooking area, inside the oven. Cook gently for a few minutes to draw out the garlic flavor. Remove from the heat. Strain the sauce. Add the minced parsley.

Remove the top/flat shells from the oysters. Serve the oysters topped with a spoonful of the butter sauce.


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