Nashville Hot Wings

Nashville Hot Wings Recipe

Who doesn’t love wings? Actually, I hate to ask that rhetorical question, because, quite frankly, I don’t want to know who doesn’t like wings. Not liking wings is akin to not enjoying music or films. Of course, there’s plenty of people out there who have yet to have a great chicken wing. And luckily, with Kosmo’s Q Wing Dust, it doesn’t get any easier to achieve just that.

The instructions for making wings with Wing Dust is incredibly easy. Simply cook your wings naked (no seasoning, no brine, etc), remove from the grill, sprinkle on the dust, toss the wings, and watch the magic happen. Below I’ve got whole wings being seared over direct heat on the Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill. I simply took the wings out of the package and threw them whole on a hot grill, turning and rotating them to get an even cook until they reach a minimum internal temperature of 165°F. And because wings are so bony and fatty, they get a little more tender if you take them up to 175°F.


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After they’re properly cooked with the color and grill marks I like (that took all of 10 minutes, maybe?), I get a big bowl together and sprinkle on as much Wing Dust as I prefer. It really doesn’t take much to get a big flavor impact. In fact, one bag is enough for over 100 wings! That is potential, y’all!

Once you start tossing the wings, the natural fatty juices coming off the chicken begin combining with the dust, creating a sauce that perfectly adheres to the wing. The Nashville Hot flavor has a really great, creeping heat level and combines sweetness with a buttery edge.

Luckily, the same principle and theory apply to all of Kosmo’s Q Wing Dust flavors. Simply “Cook ’em naked!” and “Dust ’em up!” Even better, each flavor comes with great recipe suggestions to expand outside the realm of wings. Because this product dissolves and melds so well into anything with a little moisture, it is extremely versatile. In fact, you can read up on a couple of other recipes where I use the Nashville Hot Wing Dust HERE!


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