Great Grilling Hacks for Before, During and After Your Next Big Cookout

Great Grilling Hacks

8 Great Grilling Hacks for Before, During and After Your Next Big Cookout

It doesn't matter if you're cooking on gas grills or pellet, a charcoal grill or a wood fired oven, the best barbecue hacks are the ones that make you say, "why didn't I think of that?" And once you try them out, grilling becomes simplified in ways you never thought possible.

There are great tricks out there for how to serve condiments, cook fish or check the propane tank level on a gas grill (hint: pour hot water down the side!), but we think this list of 8 hacks will truly streamline your next grilling session from start to finish.



1. The "When to Season Your Meat" Hack

Seasoning your meat about an hour before it goes on the grill grates will put that spicy, sweet or tangy goodness to work. The salt in the seasoning can pull the natural moisture to the surface. In time the moisture is reabsorbed, taking the salt and seasonings with it.

2. The "One Hand is Better Than Two" Hack

The FinaMill Grinder Pepper Mill literally cuts the work of grinding your seasoning in half. Easily operated at the push of a button with one hand, you can also switch out the grinding pods using one hand as well.



3. The "Too Hot to Handle" Hack

Sometimes you have to grab your food when it's hot, putting you at risk for burns. And while nitrile gloves will help quite a bit, lining them with a pair of cotton/poly blend gloves makes it even safer.

4. The "Fire-Safe Grip and Flip" Hack

Another tool to keep your hands clear of the flame is the 18" long Broil King Imperial Grill Tong. Designed to combine the lifting function of a spatula with the gripping power of grilling tongs, getting evenly cooked burgers, ribs, chicken and more is easier and safer thanks to this lengthy, heavy duty tool.

5. The "Burgers and Bun Size" Hack

To get your burger buns the same width as your burger patties, press down on the patty until it's half an inch wider than the bun. Once the patty shrinks a bit during cooking, burger and bun will line up perfectly.

6. The "Cheese Dome" Hack

When finishing burgers on a griddle or cast iron skillet, layer the cheese on after the last flip and squeeze a little water on the griddle next to the burger. Then cover the burger with a dome or lid to steam the cheese. The result is beautifully melted cheese and a crispy cheese skirt around the patty.

7. The "Skewer Stability" Hack

Use two skewers or one flat one (like the economical Totally Bamboo 12” Bamboo Flat Skewers) to keep your kebabs from spinning, falling or flipping onto the grill. You can also wet your skewers ahead of time so the food slides on easier and the skewers don't burn up.



8. The "Aluminum Foil Ball" Hack

There's another popular hack that recommends using half an onion to clean your grill grate, but we prefer to use aluminum foil. It’s gentler than a harsh grill brush while not wasting a perfectly good onion. Just tear off a piece of foil, ball it up, and use a pair of tongs to rub all that cooked food off.

Having these hacks in your back pocket will make your backyard grill a more efficient place while giving you a safer, quicker and tastier grilling experience.


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