Smoked Barbecue Brisket

How to Smoke Brisket

If you’re looking for a go-to brisket recipe, then look no further! This Smoked BBQ Brisket recipe doesn’t fuss with the bells and whistles involved in a competition style brisket, but boasts great flavors, the smoke-factor you love and most importantly, produces the best gift a brisket can give… burnt ends!

Smoked Barbecue Brisket Recipe



Preheat your Yoder Smokers YS640 Pellet Grill to 250°F, set up for smoking. Place the brisket on your cutting board, fat cap side up. Trim the fat cap from the point muscle. Trim the fat down to 1/4” over the flat muscle. Flip the brisket over and trim any excessive and/or hard fat from the meat.

Combine the beef stock, Worcestershire and Flavolcano Smoky Red Pepper Sauce in an injection shaker. Set aside 1/2 cup of the injection for later use. Fill your injector with the liquid. With the brisket still placed fat cap down, and the flat muscle fully exposed, begin injecting the flat. As you insert the needle, poke around creating a pocket and inject with the liquid until it starts to come back out. Continue this process in a grid pattern, every 1”-2”.

Spread any excess injection liquid across all surfaces of the brisket. Season the brisket first with the Plowboys BBQ Bovine Bold. Allow to set up and attach to the meat for a few minutes before seasoning with Cattleman’s Grill California Tri-tip Seasoning. Again, let the seasoning attach to the meat before flipping the brisket over to season the other side.

Place the brisket on the second shelf of the smoker, fat side up, and smoke until a bark is formed and the brisket is a dark reddish mahogany color, about 5-6 hours.

Remove from the grill and place on a clean cutting board.

Separate the point and flat using a sharp boning knife. Make your separating cut in the layer of fat in between the two muscles, following the fat layer until fully separated. Trim excess hard fat from the surfaces of the muscles, again leaving about 1/4” of fat over the flat.

Place each muscle on top of two sheets of heavy-duty foil. Pour 1/4 cup of the reserved injection liquid over each cut of meat. Wrap tightly with both sheets of foil. Return to the smoker and increase the grill temperature to 300°F.

Continue cooking until each muscle is very tender and offers little resistance when probed with an instant read thermometer. The internal temperature will likely be 200°F or higher, but be sure that you’re cooking to a “feel” and not just a temperature.

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To make the burnt ends, remove the point from the foil packet and place on the cutting board. Transfer the foil to a sheet pan with the juices. Slice the point meat into 1”-2” cubes. Transfer the cubes to the foil lined pan. Coat the cubes in Firebug Mild Grillin’ Sauce and a drizzle of Wildflower Honey. Toss to coat well. Return to the smoker and continue cooking for about 20 minutes, to tack up the sauce.

To finish the flat, rest the meat for at least 30 minutes to allow the juices to redistribute. Using a long brisket slicer, slice pencil thick sliced across the grain. The slices should be tender enough to hang in a perfect U shape over the finger without falling apart.


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