Patty Melt

How to make a Patty Melt

Chef Tom fires up the Kamado Joe for an old school classic, the Patty Melt!



For the caramelized onions:


For the Thousand Island Dressing:


Build a hot coal bed in your Kamado Joe Classic III. Install a soapstone cooking surface (or cast iron griddle) at the highest level of the Divide & Conquer System. Stabilize the temperature around 375ºF.


Melt the beef tallow for the caramelized onions on the soapstone. Add the onions. Season with Obie Cue’s Steakmaker Seasoning. Carefully toss the sliced onions. Close the lid and let cook, stirring occasionally, until onions turn from translucent to lightly browned, about 15-20 minutes.


Meanwhile, using small squares of parchment paper on top of and below each burger puck, smash the puck out to roughly the diameter of your rye bread, and about 1/2” thick. Season the top sides with Obie Cue’s Steakmaker Seasoning.


After removing the onions from the soapstone, open the airflow wide open to increase the grill temperature to 450ºF+.


Place the patties seasoned side down on the soapstone. Season the unseasoned side (now facing up). Cook with the lid open until nicely seared. Flip and immediately top each with a slice of Swiss cheese.


While the burger patties cook, spread the insides of the rye bread with some of the Thousand Island Dressing. Place one slice of American Swiss on half of the slices of bread. Place caramelized onions on top of the cheese.

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When the bottom of the burger is seared, remove from the grill and transfer directly to the slices of rye with the American cheese. Add the top slice of bread.Your burger patty should now be sandwiched buy two slices of cheese and two slices of rye with caramelized onions on on the top half of the patty melt.

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Melt butter on the soapstone. Toast the patty melts on both sides to finish. Remove and serve with extra Thousand Island for dipping.

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