Meal Prep: BBQ Shrimp Salad

BBQ Shrimp Salad Recipe

This salad makes it feel like summer, where fresh vegetables reign alongside sweet and spicy barbecue flavors. The dressing is not complicated, combining your favorite ranch and barbecue sauce! This great meal prep option is a crowd favorite!

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BBQ Shrimp Salad Recipe

Yield: 4 servings




Preheat YS640s to 450°F, set up for indirect grilling.

Season shrimp with R Butts R Smokin Honey Chipotle Rub. Season corn with EVOO and honey chipotle rub.

Grill corn and shrimp over high heat until shrimp is cooked through and corn is tender. This will take about 10-12 minutes, turning halfway through cooking.

Prep the vegetables. Thin-slice iceberg lettuce, halve cherry tomatoes, dice red onion, chiffonade basil, and halve avocados. To preserve the avocados, take a lime wedge and wipe lime juice on the cut side to prevent browning/oxidizing.

Make dressing by mixing two parts ranch with one part Plowboys Tarheel Tang.

Portion and assemble in containers for the week. To serve, slice avocado over the salad, add dressing, and enjoy!

Begin by preheating your grill to 450°F, and set it up for indirect grilling. You will also need a frogmat (a silicone-lined mesh screen). If your grill only works with a direct-grilling setup, opt to use double-pronged skewers to grill the shrimp over the flame. The frogmat is only to be used with indirect grilling, where no flame will touch the mat, causing it to melt/burn.

I wanted to go with a classic barbecue flavor profile, and this honey chipotle rub from R Butts R Smokin fit the bill perfectly! After coating the shrimp with this rub, allow it to sit for several minutes to adhere to the natural moisture in shrimp. The same goes for any protein where you’ll use a rub like this. The rub will deepen in color and begin to look wet/saturated, and that’s when you know it’s ready for the grill!

Before I head out to the grill, I also will season my corn. First I remove the husks and then coat them with extra virgin olive oil, followed by a good coating of the same honey chipotle rub.

Once seasoned properly, I’ll place my corn and shrimp on the hot grill. For my setup on the Yoder Smoker 640s, I’ve placed a frogmat on the left side of the grill, which will give plenty of space for the corn to sit over the fire source. Once placed properly, I’ll close the lid of the grill for about 4-6 minutes before coming back to flip the shrimp, turn the corn, and close the lid again to cook for another 4-6 minutes.

Here we are about 10 minutes into cooking. The shrimp are opaque in color and cooked through. I’ll pull these, but allow the corn to go for a little longer just to get those signature char marks I like. While everything is cooking, I’ll head back inside to prep the vegetables.

Bright red cherry tomatoes bring acidity and extra nutrition to this recipe!

Radishes have a slightly earthy and spicy flavor, all the while bringing a great crunch to the salad!

To have more control, use the butt of the knife to remove the seed of the avocado.

Use the acidity of lime juice to prevent oxidization or browning and store them cut side down on a flat surface.

To chiffonade, roll the basil leaves into a spiral and thinly slice.

Cut one head of iceberg lettuce into quarters, then slice each quarter into thin slices.

Once cool enough to handle, slicing the kernels off the length of the cob is all you need to do. The corn is probably my favorite part of this whole recipe. Grilling it brings out the sweetness that I enjoy, but also the grilled smoky flavor melds into the other vegetables beautifully.

Finally, to make the dressing, mix two parts ranch dressing and one part barbecue sauce. Barbecue sauce tends to fairly sweet, so to cut down the sugar I opted for the Plowboys Tarheel Tang. I also decided to use a reduced-fat avocado ranch in place of a standard recipe ranch to help make this a lighter dish.

This meal stays freshest if you keep your vegetables and protein separate. The avocado should also be kept separate in an air-tight fashion. However, when you’re ready to eat, put it all together. You’ll feel so great every day when lunch is a heaping amount of vegetables and full of sustained energy from lean protein!

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