Dry Age Steak at Home with the Steak Locker

I’m excited to share with you a really cool product. This is the Steak Locker SL150 Home Edition.

I was excited when we brought this product in earlier this year, and now that I’ve had some time to play with and really get to know the product I’m equally as excited to share with you guys how you can dry age steak at home.

With the Steak Locker SL150 you can easily dry age steak at home and make dry cured charcuterie on a professional level. Let’s dive-in to some of the features of the Steak Locker.

Steak Locker Features

It has precise temperature and humidity control which you can adjust from the main panel. It is equipped with a UVC bacterial light which kills any bacteria present in the unit and comes with a replaceable carbon odor filter.

The Steak Locker will hold up to 65 pounds of product and the chrome shelves are removable for easy cleaning. This SL150 Home Edition stands 34 inches tall and can be installed indoors under counter and it’s sleek design fits in well with modern or traditional kitchen design. It can also be installed outdoors with no need for a water connection.

How the Steak Locker Works

So now let’s go ahead and see how this Steak Locker SL150 works. On the digital panel set the temperature to 34 degrees and the humidity to 76. This is ideal for dry aging beef. Today we’re going to load up a whole prime rib roast and start the curing process.

You’ll want to let that beef age for four to five weeks depending on the flavor that you’re going for. Now beef aged around four weeks is gonna have a nice, nutty quality to it. The longer the beef ages the more you’ll develop that rich, super-concentrated, beef flavor.

It’s important to note that this dry aging process should not be done in a traditional refrigerator due to the fluctuation of humidity and the temperature.

It’s important to note that this dry aging process should not be done in a traditional refrigerator due to the fluctuation of humidity and the temperature. The Steak Locker is specifically designed for this process and to keep your meat safe and kill that bacteria growth with the UV light. Now this is specific to the process of dry aging beef and not the case when it comes to curing that charcuterie. So make sure you do your homework.

One of my favorite features of the Steak Locker is that you can monitor the temperature and humidity from an app on your phone.

The smart sensor technology provides immediate feedback. You can see the information over time and you can enter weight before and after the dry aging process to determine the yield. The app also has instructional videos to help you understand and set up your Steak Locker.

Steak Locker SL150 iOS Android App
The Steak Locker iOS App

How to Dry-Age Steak at Home

Thirty-two days ago I put a prime rib in to our other Steak Locker to age so that we could show you the finished product. Now once the beef comes out of the Steak Locker you’ve got some options. You can slice it in to steaks, remove the rind and then throw them in to the freezer or fridge depending on when you’re going to be cooking them. Or you can just leave it whole with the rind on and throw it right in to the freezer. Since it’s developed that rind on the outside the freezer’s not gonna damage the meat on the inside and you’re gonna take the rind off before you cook it anyway.

So like I said we’ve got that tough rind on the outside but we can go ahead and slice this in to steaks.  This roast has beautiful marbling, with a deep rich color, especially on that deckle. I’m going to cut some nice thick steaks here, inch and a half or so. The aroma, it’s something totally different than fresh beef. I mean it seems so much more rich.

It really does feel like a concentrated beefiness before we’ve even cooked it. I’m going to trim off some of this fat and definitely some of that outer rind that we talked about. You wanna get down to where you don’t have the altered color on the outside. So we probably missed a spot right there. Just back down to the red.

Dry Age Steak at Home with Steak Locker Results

Obviously this is kind of counting toward your waste right here. So you wanna minimize this as much as possible. But the truth is this doesn’t have to be waste all together. This piece right here has lots of flavor in it. It’s just not necessarily pleasant to chew on. So what you can do with these leathery bits on the outside, throw them in to a stock pot with some mirepoix and make a really beefy broth.

I cooked a steak from this roast and got it to 125º internal to finish. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Let’s slice in and have a taste.

Results of Our Steak Locker Test

Wow. It just melts in your mouth. It’s crazy how that aging process really tenderizes and changes the whole texture. And it’s so juicy just cooked to that 125 to 130 range. But it’s really the 32 days in the chamber that give it that incredible nuttiness, that incredible beefiness. It’s unlike any fresh steak. Well that’s it it’s a pretty simple process for an incredible experience when you consider all of the heavy lifting, it’s done by the Steak Locker.

If you have any questions about this product or any of the other products that we feature on this channel please don’t hesitate to contact our team. You can find the Steak Locker SL150 Home Edition for purchase on our store.

Dry Age Steak at Home with the Steak Locker
Dry Age Steak at Home with the Steak Locker
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