Cooking with Fire Episode 7: Texas Style Brisket

Cooking with Fire Episode 7: Texas Style Brisket

Josh Cary and Chef Tom Jackson break down the history of Texas Style Brisket and give you a recipe to create perfect brisket at home.

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Cooking with Fire Episode 7: Texas Style Brisket Recipe


  • 1 whole packer brisket
  • 8 oz kosher salt
  • 8 oz fresh ground black pepper


Preheat your smoker to 225°F.

Trim the brisket’s fat cap down to 1/4”. Also trim any large chunks of hard fat from the edges of the brisket. Season all surfaces with the 50/50 mixture of salt and pepper. Rest the brisket until the rub looks wet, at least 10 minutes.

Transfer the brisket to the smoker. Smoke open until a dark bark is formed, about 7 hours. Remove from the smoker. Wrap in butcher paper and return to the smoker. Continue cooking until an instant read thermometer inserted into the meat meets very little resistance. It should almost feel like probing room temperature butter. Total cook time will vary, but a 17 lb brisket will likely take 12-13 hours from start to finish.

Rest the brisket at least one half hour, wrapped in the paper, before slicing. Slice across the grain.


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