Kosmo's Q Nashville Hot Wing Dust

Kosmo's Q Nashville Hot Wing Dust Recipe

Here at All Things Barbecue, we all absolutely adore this new product: Kosmo’s Q Wing Dust. Why? Because not only is each flavor absolutely delicious, but they are also incredibly versatile. Sure, it says “wing” on the package, but each bag comes with more recipe suggestions to get the most out of each flavor. I went ahead and developed recipes just for you featuring their Nashville Hot flavor, one of our best sellers. If you’re already familiar with this product, you already know just how great it is. Not only is it versatile, but it’s economically friendly (a little goes a long way) and it’s shelf-stable, meaning it will last in your pantry a lot longer than an opened bottle of wing sauce.

Nashville Hot Elote

What better way to counteract the creeping heat level of this Nashville Hot Wing Dust with the sweetness of grilled corn? Elote is a Mexican street food featuring freshly-grilled corn drenched in a creamy base with chile, lime, and plenty of salty cotija cheese!

Click here to see the recipe for my Nashville Hot Elote!

Nashville Hot Pub Cheese

Pub cheese is a beer and cheese dip that’s normally served with a fresh pint at the pub. Well, now you can bring the pub to your home if you’ve got a food processor or blender handy. Even better, this recipe works with almost all of the Wing Dust flavors, making it open for your creative interpretation!

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Nashville Hot Wings

Now, this ain’t the most authentic Nashville Hot recipe you will encounter since traditionally Nashville Hot Chicken is served breaded and fried, and then slathered with incredibly hot and sweet sauce. (In fact, our own Chef Tom has his version if you want to check that out.) My recipe simply outlines just how easy Kosmo’s Q Wing Dust is to use to make amazing sauced wings with very little effort.

Click here for the basic recipe for making wings using this Kosmo’s Q Wing Dust!


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