Grilled Buffalo Wings

Grilled Buffalo Wings

If you’ve never made your own Grilled Buffalo Wings, you’re missing out! The scratch-made buffalo sauce is so easy and so tasty that you’ll never want to do store-bought sauce again. Pair that with the char of a grilled wing, and you’ve got it made!

Chicken Guacamole Burger Poster

Chicken Guacamole Burger

The Chicken Guacamole Burger may be made of ground chicken thighs, and not ground beef, but it’s as good or BETTER than any other burger out there! From the juicy patty to the funky feta and the homemade guac and ranch dressing, this burger has it all!

Backyard Barbecue Burger

Backyard Barbecue Burger

The Backyard Barbecue Burger is all about that feeling you get when it’s finally spring and you fire up the grill to cook a batch of hand-pattied burgers for the family. You’re right where you want to be. You’re in your element. Everyone has their “signature move” when it comes to the burger. We’ve got

Smoked Chicken Salad Recipe

Smoked Chicken Salad

This one goes out to all moms out there! Smoked Chicken Salad is our barbecue inspired take on one of those classics that mom’s all over used to make. Whether you’re eating chicken salad between two slices of bread, over the top of a salad or for dipping crackers and veggies, it’s delicious comfort food

Bacon Fat Flour Tortillas

Chef Britt shows you how to make bacon fat flour tortillas by hand, without having to knead for long periods of time. This is a great utilization for any rendered fat you’ve been saving! And after you learn this recipe, you’ll never want a store-bought tortilla ever again.