Skirt Steak with Grilled Peaches

How to make Skirt Steak with Grilled Peaches

Chef Tom fires up the Yoder Smokers Charcoal Flat Top Grill for a simple, but flavor packed BBQ Grilled Skirt Steak dish featuring grilled peaches and green onions! Say hello to your next easy Summer dinner!

Skirt Steak with Grilled Peaches Recipe



Place the skirt steaks in a Briner Bucket. Add one jar of Sweetwater Spice Ancho Chipotle Brisket Bath and five parts water. Mix well. Lock the plate in place to submerge the steak. Let soak for one hour.

Remove the steak(s) from the marinade. Pat excess moisture from the surface with a paper towel.

Score the surface of the skirt steak in a crosshatch pattern. Season conservatively with Plowboys BBQ Bovine Bold Rub.

Build a charcoal bed in your Yoder Smokers Charcoal Flat Top Grill. Set up for direct grilling.

Grill the steaks, peaches and green onions over direct heat, with the door open, until nicely charred. Flip the steak and brown the other side as well. Remove the peaches and green onions when they have some char. Continue cooking the steaks until the internal temperature reaches 130ºF. Remove from the grill.

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Immediately glaze the steak with a thin layer of Smoke on Wheels Kansas City Bootleg Barbecue Sauce.

Chop the green onion. Slice the halved peaches. Thinly slice the skirt steak against the grain. Top with the peaches and green onions to serve.


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