Product Roundup: Yoder Smokers YS480/YS640 Cast Iron Griddle

Yoder Smokers YS480/YS640 Cast Iron Griddle Overview

The Yoder Smokers Cast Iron Griddle for your YS480 and YS640 is here, and Chef Tom gave it a thorough test with some amazing burgers.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, I'm Chef Tom with, and today I'm here to show you an exciting new product from Yoder Smokers, it's the cast iron griddle, custom fit for the YS480 and YS640 pellet grills.

Yoder Smokers Cast Iron Griddle Features

The Yoder Smokers Griddle is crafted from heavy-duty cast iron for outstanding heat retention. It measures 19 and three-quarter inches deep by 15 and-a-half inches wide, and it's three-quarters of an inch thick. This griddle offers 280 square inches of cooking space, is almost 24 pounds of cast iron, and has a raised lip to keep the grease from running out.

The griddle is fully reversible. One side is nice and smooth for cooking up breakfast items like eggs, bacon, and pancakes. It's also perfect for getting a crust on burgers, steaks and other proteins. The reverse side has raised ridges, which is great for cooking fatty items where you want some of that fat and grease to cook away from your cut of meat. The raised ridges also give us some great grill marks.

Yoder Smokers Cast Iron Griddle Cooking Test

Now let's get some food on it and check out how it cooks. I've got the griddle set inside the YS 640 with the diffuser removed, over direct flame, and it's nice and hot.

All right we're gonna start off by cooking some nice big half-pound burgers. You can do this on either side of the griddle, really, but we're gonna use these raised ridges to give us some nice marks, and a nice sear.

Put a nice crust on the top there.

All right, so you can see our cheese is melted. We put this really beautiful crust on the outside of that burger. These have come up to 155º, so I'm gonna pull them off.

So these are 80-20 burgers that had a lot of fat in them. You can see that they got a really nice crust from the raised ridges, but a lot of that fat was able to melt away, away from the burgers, so it's not just sitting in it. At this point, we're gonna flip this thing over, cook some eggs on the flat side.

Make sure you've got a good pair of heavy barbecue gloves when you're moving this griddle because it holds a lot of heat.

All right, so I'm gonna get some oil down on the surface here. Crack our egg on the oil.

Throw oil down for our buns, as well. I'll get those toasted.

With just a bit of oil down, it's pretty easy to get these things to flip.

All right, we're putting these burgers together, we've got our toasted bun, a little lettuce, and tomato, our crisped up burger patties, and the fried egg on top. And cut right into it.

That's fantastic. Great textures from the bun to the burger, all done start to finish on that griddle inside your Yoder. Now the griddle's really easy to maintain. When you're done cooking on it, just shut the grill off, let it cool down, you can rinse it off in the sink, wipe it clean and put just a touch of oil in there, and it's ready for your next cook. I really love this griddle for the YS640, I think it really does a great job expanding that already incredible versatility of these pellet grills.

If you have any questions about this product or any of the other products you see featured on our channel, please don't hesitate to get in contact with our team. And as always, you can purchase the Yoder Smokers Cast Iron Griddle at


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