Tips & Techniques: How to Clean a Cutting Board

How to clean a wood cutting board

Chef Britt shows you how to clean a cutting board effectively! A must-see for anyone with a wooden cutting board!

Tips & Techniques: How To Clean a Cutting Board


Immediately after each use, get some warm, soapy dishwater and your preferred scrubbing tool of choice like a Salt Plate Scrubber Brush or scouring pad.

Once scrubbed, rinse the board with warm water, or wipe with a clean, damp towel.

Next, follow up with a dry towel or a squeegee.

This method is great for everyday use, but you’ll still need to recondition your board at least once a month, or more depending on how often you clean it. Without reconditioning your board, it will eventually dry out, bleach, crack, and possibly even warp. To do this, follow up with both the Boos Block Mystery Oil and Boos Block Board Cream.

After your board has been properly scrubbed, washed, and dried, apply the Mystery Oil. Allow it to fully saturate the wood fibers overnight, then wipe off any excess oil.

Follow up with the Board Cream by applying it like wax to the surface using a paper towel or with clean, bare hands. This combination of natural unbleached beeswax and mineral oil locks in the moisture. You can also use this on your wooden kitchen utensils to prolong their life. Allow it to set overnight and simply wipe away.


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