All Things Barbecue 2019 Smoked BBQ Holiday Turkey Kit

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All Things Barbecue Smoked BBQ Turkey Kit

Make turkey prep a no brainer with our carefully curated kits! Our Smoked BBQ kit features a flavorful blend of salt, garlic, brown sugar and spice brine and a little sweet heat from the Cherry Habanero rub then finish with Firebug Mild BBQ sauce. On top of flavorings and briner, there is an option to receive all the tools necessary to spatchcock and carve up the perfect turkey or chicken. This kit pairs well with apple flavors, Chef Tom recommends adding apple cider to the brine and smoking with apple split smoking wood. 


All Things Barbecue Smoked BBQ Turkey Kit includes:

  • The Briner 22qt Brining Bucket
  • Cattleman’s Grill Butcher House Brine
  • R Butts R Smokin’ Cherry Habanero Rub
  • Firebug Mild BBQ Sauce

For additional savings select All Things Barbecue Smoked BBQ Turkey Kit with Cutlery includes:

  • All of the above 
  • Victorinox Poultry Shears
  • Victorinox 10.25" Granton Edge Slicing Knife


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