Mad Hunky's Poultry Brine

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Mad Hunky's Poultry brine will add a light, savory flavor and increase the moisture of your poultry and pork cooks.

Try it on pork chops and loins too! It will not interfere with most rubs/external seasonings, as it is not a heavy flavor, but a mild base to work with.

A tip from the man behind Mad Hunky's:

"A brining tip to maximize your purchase: It only takes about a quart of brine to do a whole bird, or several pounds of pieces... the secret is...use a HD ziplock bag, and "burp" all the air out! You can use a large food safe bag for a turkey, again, burping it and tying off by twisting the top, folding and securing with a rubber band. One note about this brine: it should be made with COLD water, not hot like most brines! The convenient thing about this is that it won't need to be cooled prior to using. Use a wisk to mix together for about a minute until dissolved. The amount of brine needed is small, you just need to ensure the meat is submerged in it!

And never use a "reactive" metal pot/vessel for brining or, stainless, or plastic only!"

Ingredients: salt, sodium phosphate (25%), dry honey (refinery syrup, honey), spices, onion powder, dehydrated celery.

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