Tagwood BBQ Drop In Santa Maria Argentine Grill Stainless Steel, BBQ05SS

Tagwood BBQ Drop In Santa Maria Argentine Grill Stainless Steel, BBQ05SS

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The Tagwood Built-in Santa Maria Wood Fire and Charcoal Grill brings the rich flavors and traditional cooking methods of South America to your outdoor kitchen. But what exactly is a Santa Maria Grill? Also known as an Argentinian grill, it's an open firewood and charcoal grill featuring a base that holds smoldering coals to cook meat placed above, with an adjustable surface for varying cooking styles.

To use this grill, start by loading the brasero-style firebox on the left side with wood and ignite it using paper or a charcoal starter. Pro tip: Leave space between the wood splits, crisscrossing them to ensure quick and hassle-free fire ignition. Once the logs are burning well, tap them with the included poker to send the hot embers below. Then, using a shovel, distribute the embers evenly underneath the desired cooking area for consistent heat.

Adjusting the heat is straightforward: raise or lower the grill grates. Lowering them brings them closer to the fire for a good sear, while raising them allows larger cuts of meat to cook slowly and break down. The BBQ05SS comes with eight S-shaped meat hooks for hanging large cuts of beef, lamb, pork, and more from the top bar, cooking them slowly, a traditional method in South American countries.

This grill also includes an interchangeable stainless steel griddle, adding versatility to your cooking options. With a total grilling area of 561 square inches, including a 34” x 16.5” cooking surface, you have plenty of space for all your culinary creations. The cooking chamber, lined with firebricks, maximizes heat retention and transmission, while a water drainage system prevents liquid accumulation.

Featuring stainless steel trim, the BBQ05SS seamlessly blends into any outdoor kitchen style, from rustic to modern. Crafted from durable 304 Stainless Steel, this grill includes a five-year limited warranty, ensuring years of reliable performance.

Included with the grill are an interchangeable griddle, stainless steel rod grates, secondary grates, eight S-shaped meat hooks, a shovel, poker, and cover, providing everything you need for a complete grilling experience.


The total grilling area of the BBQ05SS is 561 square inches, with a 34” x 16.5” cooking surface.

The cooking chamber is lined with firebricks for maximum heat retention and transmission. The chamber also includes a water drainage system that will keep water and other liquids from accumulating in the grill.

The stainless steel trim allows the Tagwood BBQ05SS to blend into any outdoor kitchen, from rustic to modern and everything in-between.

Masterfully designed and manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel this grill includes a five-year limited warranty so you can rest assured that it will last you for years to come.


  • Interchangeable griddle
  • Stainless steel rod grates
  • Secondary grates
  • Eight S shape meat hooks
  • Shovel & poker
  • Cover

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