Sweetwater Spice Company Flavor Package

Sweetwater Spice Company Flavor Package

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Choose your flavor, mix it up however you want.

  • Apple Chipotle BBQ Bath blends the sweetness of apple juice with the smokiness of chipotle and ancho chilies, this combination is slightly sweet with a hint of smokiness making it family and kid friendly.
  • Ancho Chipotle Bath blends the earthiness of smoked ancho chilies and the smoky heat of chipotle chilies with the sweetness of apple juice, tamarind and brown sugar.
  • Classic Holiday Turkey is based on the classic holiday roasting recipe, beginning with an apple juice base, then adds paprika, black peppercorns, rosemary, sage, lemon and orange zest.
  • Lemon Thyme Turkey Bath delivers citrus notes that are enhanced by ginger and coriander seed, then spiced by mustard seed and white pepper, and rounded out with thyme and rosemary.
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