Kamado Joe Big Joe II Ceramic BBQ Grill

Kamado Joe Big Joe II Ceramic BBQ Grill

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The Kamado Joe Big Joe II BBQ Grill with Cart is the epitome of versatility and performance in outdoor cooking. This ceramic grill is designed to deliver exceptional results whether you're grilling, smoking, roasting, or baking.

Featuring a spacious cooking area of 24 inches in diameter, the Big Joe II Grill provides ample space to cook for a large gathering of family and friends. Its innovative Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking System allows you to create multiple cooking zones, giving you the flexibility to cook different foods simultaneously at varying temperatures.

Equipped with a durable and heat-resistant ceramic construction, the Big Joe II BBQ Grill retains heat efficiently, resulting in consistent and even cooking. Its thick-walled design ensures superior heat retention and insulation, allowing you to achieve precise temperature control and retain moisture in your food.

The Big Joe II Grill is powered by a premium stainless steel Kontrol Tower top vent, which enables you to adjust the airflow and temperature with precision. Combined with the patented Air Lift Hinge, which reduces the weight of the dome for easy opening and closing, this grill offers effortless temperature control and convenience.

With its sturdy and durable cart design, the Big Joe II Grill provides stability and mobility, allowing you to easily move it around your outdoor space. The cart features durable locking casters, providing stability during cooking and convenience when storing or transporting the grill.

Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a novice griller, the Kamado Joe Big Joe II Ceramic BBQ Grill with Cart offers unparalleled versatility, performance, and convenience for all your outdoor cooking adventures.


  • Setup direct or indirect heat for versatile cooking options with the Command and Conquer cooking system
  • Grill, smoke, bake and roast with minimal changes to the grill setup saving you time
  • Grill steakhouse quality steaks, smoke delectable briskets and bake wood fired pizza all with one grill
  • Air Lift Hinge makes lid easier to lift and can be opened partway without slamming shut
  • Kontrol Tower Top Vent: Rust-proof aluminum keeps precipitation out and keeps air flow efficient
  • Wire mesh gasket is more durable and efficient
  • Self-Activating Stainless Steel Latch creates a better seal between dome and grill body
  • Advanced Multi-Panel Firebox means more resistance to cracking as interlocking pieces allow for natural expansion and contraction

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