Kalalou Wine Bottle Terrarium

Kalalou Wine Bottle Terrarium

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You'll find dozens of uses for this re-purposed wine bottle terrarium. Fill the bottom with candy hearts and the top with flowers for Valentine's Day. Create a two-tiered fairy garden. Fill the bottom with red, white and blue streamers and the top with colorful candies for a charming Independence Day celebration. Create a delightful holiday display by filling the bottom with Christmas ornaments and the top with Christmas candy. Or make a spooktacular display with Halloween candy in the base and plastic spiders in the top. It's easy to let your imagination go with this unique accessory!

The terrarium comes in three pieces: the top and bottom halves of the bottle and a metal tray to separate the two halves.

Decorations shown are for example only and are not included with the terrarium.

Dimensions: 4" x 14"

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