Steak Locker SL150 Home Edition

Steak Locker SL150 Home Edition

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Save money and control the beef aging process by doing it in your own home. Steak Locker's Home Edition dry aging refrigerator is the only product on the market today that self regulates humidity and temperature via your smartphone.

By aging your beef, you'll get tender and flavorful steaks whether you purchase USDA choice, select, or prime. Fill up the Steak Locker and then use the companion app to control the process. The app will help you keep track of the aging process so you can pull and cook your steaks at the ideal time. You'll receive an alert if the humidity or temperature falls out of range.

This dry aging process cannot be done in a traditional refrigerator due to high humidity and fluctuating temperatures. That environment promotes bacterial growth and foodborne illnesses. The Steak Locker is specially designed to provide a safe environment for dry aging, with restaurant-quality results.

Steak Locker SL150 Home Edition Features:

  • Precise temperature and humidity control
  • Equipped with UVC bacterial light which kills any bacteria present in the unit
  • 65 lbs. dry aging product capacity / 5.23 cubic feet usable volume
  • Active carbon odor filter
  • Smart app sensor control
  • Fan forced air flow
  • Standard 34" cabinet size - around the size of a small wine cooler
  • Designed to match your other appliances
  • Shelf dimensions: 17" deep X 19.5" wide X 6" high* (*both shelves are height adjustable)

Steak Locker SL150 Home Edition - Dry Age Steak at Home | Product Roundup by All Things Barbecue

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