ATBBQ Honey Butter Glazed Christmas Turkey Kit

ATBBQ Honey Butter Glazed Christmas Turkey Kit

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Prepare Chef Tom's Christmas Turkey this holiday season for Christmas or Thanksgiving. Injected and glazed with a heavenly blend of butter, honey, cinnamon and Yoder Smokers Chicken Rub, this recipe is a showstopper. Even the pickiest eaters will beg for another slice.

In addition to the flavors, this kit includes a 22qt briner bucket to make the brining process a breeze.


  • Cattleman’s Grill Butcher House All-Purpose Brine, 16oz
  • Yoder Smokers Chicken Rub
  • Kansas Wildflower Honey
  • 1 x 22qt Briner Bucket


This Honey Butter Glazed Christmas Turkey is a divine blend of sweet and savory flavors. Injected and glazed with classic Christmas flavors, this is the turkey recipe you've been waiting for. This will have the whole family begging for another slice.

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