Kamado Joe Big Joe Ceramic Grill with Cart

Kamado Joe Big Joe Ceramic Grill with Cart
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BigJoe. True charcoal flavor. Unmatched cooking versatility.

The Kamado Joe BigJoe has been engineered to outperform any extra-large ceramic grill on the market today with it's superior ergonomics and incredible versatility. The 24" diameter gives you 75% more cooking area than the ClassicJoe yet retains the classic round shape for even cooking. The BigJoe features a split firebox that allows you to simultaneously cook direct and indirect. The counterbalanced hinge system makes for easy opening of the lid, no more back breaking two-arm dead lifts like you get with the competition's extra large cooker.

The BigJoe allows you to get charcoal flavor while you grill, smoke, roast or bake. The BigJoe can cook over a huge range of temperatures from 250ºF to over 750ºF. Included with the BigJoe is everything you need to start cooking right out of the box; BigJoe grill, cart, HDPE side shelves and handle, Divide and Conquer Cooking System, patented slide out ash drawer and ash tool and grill gripper. The BigJoe comes fully assembled right out of the box and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. It is built for years of use and beauty while costing less than the competition.

If taste is important then the BigJoe is perfect for you. The ceramic body insulates foods keeping in the natural oils and juices. Combine this with 100% natural lump charcoal and you have incredible flavor and versatility in a single package. Lump charcoal will give you real wood fired taste because you are cooking over a real wood fire.

The BigJoe can go from grilling restaurant quality steak to roasting a holiday turkey for the family in a matter of minutes with a few quick adjustments to the airflow and Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System.

A Grill, a Smoker and an Oven

BigJoe allows you to grill, smoke, roast and bake with a simple adjustment of the air flow and the use of the heat deflector. Cook from temperatures as low as 225°F (107°C) to over 750°F (398°C). No other grill offers this much versatility. The bottom line is that you can cook anything on a BigJoe.

The best part of the BigJoe is how simple it is to use. By combining natural lump charcoal and simple air flow controls you can easily adjust and maintain temperatures over a long period of time. With a few adjustments you can have the BigJoe cooking classic low and slow barbecue at 225ºF and maintain that temperature for over 12 hours.

The BigJoe will heat up in as little as 15 minutes which is the same amount of time it takes to preheat a gas grill.

BigJoe has been designed for years of use. Manufactured out of superior ceramics, 304 stainless steel, powder coated components and HDPE the BigJoe carries Kamado Joe's amazing limited lifetime warranty.

Manufacturer's model number: BJ24RH