Weber Summit S-470 Gas Grill

If you want to have the best gas grill in the neighborhood, Weber's Summit S-470 is the right choice for you. The Summit line of gas grills is built to last and full of features to handle any outdoor cooking task. With its bells and whistles, the Summit S-470 can grill, sear, saute, smoke, and rotis. This grill has four main burners, a dedicated smoke box burner, a side burner, and a sear station burner which concentrates high heat in one area of the grill to reach maximum temps. Grill blue-ribbon steaks with veggies on the side, or turn the burners low and add wood chips to the smoke box for slow smoked goodness. The rear-mounted infrared rotisserie burner rounds out this grill's offerings nicely.

  • Weber's impressive warranty: 10 years on cookbox (no rust-through), 10 years on lid assembly, 10 years on burners, 5 years on cooking grates, 5 years on flavorizer bars, 2 years on all remaining parts
  • Main burners rated at 48,800 BTU-per-hour input; side burner = 12,000 BTUs; sear-station burner = 10,600 BTUs; infrared rotisserie burner = 10,600 BTUs; smoker burner = 6800 BTUs
  • 9mm rod stainless steel cooking grates
  • 580 square inches of cooking space
  • Individual Snap-Jet igniters on each burner
  • Built in fuel gauge so you're never guessing how much fuel you have left (LP model only)
  • Rotisserie motor folds flat and stores in side shelf
  • Built-in lid thermometer
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