Napoleon Grills LEX 485 Gas Grill, LEX485

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The Napoleon LEX 485 Gas Grill is no illusion. Constructed out of long-lasting stainless steel this grill will extend your home cooking area from your kitchen into the outdoors. This grill is ready to help you create gourmet meals at home, with its stainless steel burners that produce even heat that can go from baking and roasting to high temperature searing with the turn of a knob. The double walled stainless steel lid keeps more heat in the grill and its shape keeps it circulating producing a perfect cooking environment.

Manufactured out of high quality stainless steel, the Napoleon LEX 485 won't corrode like other grills, giving you a long lasting and beautiful grill year round, no matter the weather conditions. This grill looks as good as it cooks, but is incredibly affordable. The iGlow control knobs give you total control over your heat even on those late night and winter evening cooks with blue LED lights. You can grill 24/7 rain or shine with the LEX 485.

This grill can handle just about any food challenge you can throw at it. With enough space to cook up to 30 burgers at one you can be sure that you'll have enough food when your guests arrive. The three stainless steel tube burners put off 16,000 BTU's a piece, giving you 48,000 BTU's of cooking power across the 675 square inch cooking surface. Set one or two burners to low and place food in an indirecect zone to cook foods such as roasts, cookies and cakes or crank it up and sear your steaks over direct heat. This grill gives you full control over the cooking environment. Napoleon's WAVE™ cooking grids turn out beautiful grill marks while giving your food more surface area by compressing the rods into their unique wave shape.

The 485's JETFIRE™ ignition system lights the burners by igniting a jet of gas directly with the push of the control knobs. By keeping the igniter out of the burner's path it will last longer and ignite time after time for years to come. By preventing stress to these and other important components your grill will last you a lifetime of cooking enjoyment.

Add-on the option rotisserie spit and motor for even more ways to cook. 


  • Up to 48,000 BTU’s
  • 3 stainless steel tube burners
  • Cooking Area: 675 in²
  • Engaging i-GLOW™ backlit control knobs for late night entertaining
  • Double walled LIFT EASE™ stainless steel lid
  • Optional rotisserie spit and motor
  • Add the fun and flavour of charcoal on your gas grill with Napoleon’s® optional charcoal tray

Model numbers: LEX485PSS-1, LEX485NSS-1

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