Grill Pad Rectangle Black 30x42

Grill Pad Rectangle Black 30x42
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The Original Grill Pad - Rectangle, Black: Have a nice grill but nothing to put under it? Protect your expensive deck and patio surfaces with The Original Grill Pad. Available in 3 different sizes and 5 unique colors. The grill pad is made of cement and polypropylene. There is nothing in the material or manufacturing process that can leech out or onto your deck. It has a smooth bottom side and a textured top. NOTE: This product contains NO hazardous materials. To ensure that this Grill Pad functions properly under warranty, please keep heat sources at least 24 inches away from grill pad.

  • Flexible, Durable, Lightweight fiber cement pad
  • Protects against sparks, spills and stains
  • Five color selections in three shapes and sizes
  • Easily cleaned with your garden hose