Flame Boss 100 Kamado Temperature Controller and Automation System

Flame Boss 100 Kamado Temperature Controller and Automation System
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The Flame Boss 100 Temperature Controller takes the guess work out of cooking on your charcoal grill and smoker. This unit makes perfectly smoked foods every time, ensuring an even pit temperature from classic low and slow food to high heat grilling and baking.

The Flame Boss 100 is the most complete pit temperature controller on the market today. With an easy to read LCD display the Flame Boss 100 will tell you the set temperature, current pit temperature, the fan speed and your meat temp. The menu is given in easy to read, and understand, with the push of a button.

The controller is an Automatic Learning PID Controller that learns your pit as you cook for better temperature control. The best and most important feature on the Flame Boss 100 is the variable blower fan. Being fully variable the fan will run at the optimum speed to keep your pit exactly where it needs to be, eliminating the overshoots and severe drops that other pit controllers are prone to.

This controller will also make the adjustments necessary if the lid is opened on your pit, making sure that your temperature doesn't drop too quickly and maintains and close to the set point as possible. If power fails the Flame Boss 100 will return to the set point when it returns, saving you time and potentially saving your cook.

Finally, the Flame Boss 100 features an alarm when your meat hits a set internal temperature, will ramp down the temp to keep food warm when it is done and has a timer that can be set to keep you on track with the next step in your cook.

For better food and better cooks turn to the Flame Boss 100 Temperature Controller and Automation System.

Flame Boss 100K Kamado Temperature Controller Fits:

  • Big Green Egg - All Sizes
  • Kamado Joe - All Sizes
  • Primo Grills - All Sizes
  • Saffire Grill & Smoker
  • Grill Dome - All Sizes
  • Vision Grills - Classic
  • Broil King Keg – 2000 & 4000
  • Char-Griller AKORN Kamado