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Get Your Patio Ready
 For Spring

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

Spring is here, and unless you live in an area where the weather is perfect nearly year-round, it’s time to get your outdoor cooking and entertaining space in shape for the grilling season.

Lucky for you the team here at All Things Barbecue has you covered.

We’re going to run down the list of what you need to do to make this your best grilling season yet, from getting your grill, or grills, clean and ready to cook and setting up an outdoor area for food prep and serving.

And while we’re at it we’re going to give you some tips on making the most of your space by helping you transform your patio or deck into an outdoor living room you can enjoy into the fall.

First up, let’s get your grill cleaned up and ready to go.

How to Smoke Ribs on a Gas Grill

Delicious Smoked Ribs

Smoking ribs on a gas grill is a challenge, but we love a good challenge, so read on for our step by step guide.

Serving up ribs at a backyard barbecue during the summer is one of the true joys of being a pitmaster. Everyone loves ribs (even if they don’t, they sure do eat a lot of them when the platter is sitting out). When they’re cooked right, they will bring the masses to their knees.

One of the problems we run into from time to time is a customer that has a nice gas grill but no smoker and doesn’t have the budget or want to spend the money to buy a standalone pit. If that’s you, don’t worry, we’ll have you smoking amazing ribs in no time flat.

Why Won't My
 Gas Grill Get Hot?

Troubleshooting a Gas BBQ Grill

Nothing can put a damper on a great evening more than getting a few steaks ready to grill and then having a gas grill malfunction. A propane or natural gas grill that won’t get hot enough to cook can be caused by several common issues.

The first piece of troubleshooting to get out of the way is the most obvious: if you are grilling with propane, does your LP tank have gas in it? Some gas grills have built-in tank gauges but there are also 3rd party accessories that can give you an idea of gas levels with a quick glance. You’ll also want to make sure your propane tank valve is open all the way to ensure proper gas supply to your grill.

10 Steps to Choosing
 the Grill of your Dreams

Choosing the Perfect Grill

Looking for a new grill for this season, but don’t want to just grab the first thing that catches your eye at the big box store? Be sure to read this article on the 10 steps to choosing the grill of your dreams.

We’ll give you the low down on how to choose a grill that will not only last you more than one grilling season, but will be a pleasure to barbecue on.

Don’t get burned! Read this quick guide to your dream grill that will last you years to come.

How to Select
 a Freestanding
 Gas Grill
 That Will Last

Napoleon - a grill that will meet your cooking needs and last for many years

What is it that makes freestanding gas grills the most popular style of grill in North America? It is a combination of things: it is familiar, it is the closest thing to the cooktop in your home, a gas grill auto-starts, the temperature is adjusted with the turn of a knob, it is simple to use, they’re available in a variety of sizes, and a cart-mounted grill is easy to move from place to place. Of course, not all freestanding gas grills are created equal.

This article will provide you with the information needed to navigate the grill market to ensure that you select a grill that will meet your cooking needs and last for many years. If you want a reliable gas grill that cooks evenly, produces great food and will provide many years of service, read on.

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