Clementi Wood Fired Ovens

Clementino Clementi began building commercial and domestic wood-fired ovens and stoves in 1975, and his company has an established reputation for innovation, superior quality and performance. Each product is manufactured and checked for quality inside their factory, from the cutting and forming of the stainless steel with a laser machine to the packing.

Clementi is not only a brand, but is the name of the founding family and Mr. Clementi always says that “he signs each product writing his own name on it”. Clementi ovens are designed for lifetime use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Clementi delivers the gourmet taste of Italy with impressive, modern style. Wood-burning hearths date back some 200,000 years and, for much of that, wood fire is how we cooked. No other cooking method delivers the genuine and authentic flavor than a wood-fired oven for whatever you’re cooking; bread and pastry, pizza, pasta dishes, roasted and seared meats, soups and stews.

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