Kamado Joe Kettle Joe Charcoal Grill with Cart

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The Kettle Joe - From Kamado JoeThe Kettle Joe - From Kamado Joe

Meet Kettle Joe: The classic kettle, reimagined.

Kettle grills have been a fixture in US backyards since the 50s, shaping our gatherings and informing our tastes.

As kettle grills grew in popularity, people began to devise methods to grill indirectly, smoke on the kettle and so much more. Hundreds of innovators have created add-ons to improve and expand on the capabilities of the classic kettle grill.

Leave it to Kamado Joe, the undisputed innovator in ceramic grilling technology, to leverage their innovation and experience to completely reinvent the cooking capabilities of a kettle style grill.

Kamado Joe, recognizing that add-ons have their limitations, took a fresh approach to the Kettle Joe. This meant making sure that direct and indirect grilling and smoking were native to the design. No need for add-ons; the Kettle Joe is designed from the ground up to be great in each of these cooking styles.

Start with the looks - a streamlined grill body with a solid cart and folding sides shelves built-in for a larger prep area. Add to that an adjustable hinged lid and a slide out ash drawer that makes clean up easy.

The temperature management system was taken directly from the Kamado grills, so the main air intake is controlled by the bottom damper with fine control maintained at the cap. The ceramic firebox allows for longer cooks by improving on the standard kettle design by increasing heat retention and decreasing fuel consumption. This means you can smoke and roast large cuts of meat without worrying about adding fuel over and over.

Fine Temp control is maintained at the cap

Direct and indirect grilling couldn’t be easier on the Kettle Joe’s. The two-level grate system allows for serious control of heat with the lowest position designed for high-heat grilling and searing and the raised position for indirect grilling. Of course as with every Kamado Joe you can place deflector plates into the mix and create even greater temperature variance from position to position. To see examples of these setups you can check out our Product Roundup video with Chef Tom below.

The Kettle Joe’s Two-Level Grate System

When you are ready to smoke the Kettle Joe makes it easy. Simply raise the lid hinge to the highest setting and insert the SlōRoller Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber. This patented system delivers even and consistent smoke and raises the cooking grate even further from the coal bed. This will reduce heat further giving you greater control of your smoking process.

Raising the Lid on the Kamado Joe Kettle Joe

The Kettle Joe is feature rich right out of the box.

★ Features ★

  • 22" cooking surface, total of 363 sq inches at main grate
  • Patented SlōRoller hyperbolic smoke chamber
  • Ceramic firebox
  • Folding side shelves
  • Height adjustable lid allows for different cooking setups
  • Lid is attached to the grill, no need to find space to set it down
  • Efficient ceramic firebox for maximum heat retention and fuel efficiency
  • Ash drawer for quick cleanup without removing interior pieces
  • Cart has two locking casters for easy mobility

Kamado Joe Kettle Joe Grill Cover

Kamado Joe Kettle Grill Cover

Kamado Joe excels in providing the essential grilling accessories to enhance your backyard bbq experience, and this cover for the Kettle Joe is no different. Manufactured from 100% solution-dyed polyester, it won’t fade from those long days in the sun.

The industrial strength fabric is tear resistant and excels in keeping Mother Nature out of your grill. Custom fit for your Kettle Joe grill, the cover is full-length and features nylon straps that allow it to hug your grill tightly, keeping it in place during those windy days, and making sure pests stay out for good.

Using a grill cover will not only protect your investment in the Kettle Joe, but it will greatly extend its life as well.


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