Yoder Smokers Charcoal Basket for 16" Pit

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About The Yoder Smokers Charcoal Basket for 16" Pit

The Yoder Smokers Cheyenne Charcoal Basket for your offset pit will allow you to burn charcoal for up to 8 hours in your offset smoker with minimal effort. To use the basket, simply drop it into the bottom of your firebox with the wood grate removed, fill it with unlit charcoal, add lit charcoal to the damper end of the firebox, and adjust your dampers so that your pit is cooking at the desired temperature.

The YS Charcoal Basket is also perfect for use with a grill automation system such as the Flame Boss 100 Universal Controller.

*Please allow 10 day build time for the Kingman, Cimarron and Frontiersman charcoal baskets.

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