Exclusively Kamado Cookbook

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About the Exclusively Kamado Cookbook

Looking for kamado recipes that will offer flavors that wow every type of palate? The Exclusively Kamado Cookbook by Paul Sidoriak is a compilation of 50 mouth-watering ceramic grill creations that broadly sweeps the range between sweet and savory dishes.

Sidoriak begins with his a narration of his cooking journey, leading to his grill of choice today, the kamado ceramic grill.

The versatility of a Kamado is undeniable, as Sidoriak illustrates with vivid food photography and his easy-to-follow recipes. Braise, broil, bake, deep-fry, grill, pan-fry, poach, roast, sauté, sear, stir-fry, and toast. This book shows you how to use the Kamado for nearly every cooking technique.

Enjoy the flavor rush of Zesty No Fry Buffalo Chicken Croquettes and Moscow Mule Pork Chops.  Go outside the box with Duck Confit Egg Rolls and Grilled Caprese Salad Bites.

Food fans will come back for one more slice of the Bacon Pistachio Pizza. You will soon see (and taste) why the kamado grill is this grillmaster's favorite backyard tool with Exclusively Kamado.

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