Kamado Joe Classic Joe Divide & Conquer Flexible Cooking Rack for 18" Grill

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Add the Divide and Conquer system to your existing ClassicJoe.

Along with the Kamado Joe Accessory Rack, you can:

  • Build the perfect cooking setup with cast iron grates and griddle, stainless grate and ceramic deflectors
  • Build a direct and indirect cooking setup for restaurant quality steaks
  • Drop in two ceramic diffusors to bake and smoke foods to perfection

The Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer cooking system is the perfect addition to your existing ClassicJoe grill. The cooking system, paired with the Kamado Joe Accessory Rack, will allow you to drop in Kamado Joe's Half Moon Ceramic Deflectors, Half Moon Cast Iron Cooking Grates, Half Moon Cast Iron Reversible Griddles or Half Moon 304 Stainless Steel Cooking Grates in any combination you want. This system gives your ClassicJoe the versatility to cook anything you can dream of.

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