Yoder Smokers YS480 Pellet Smoker

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If you are searching for a single grill to perform all of your outdoor cooking needs but don't need the space of the Yoder Smokers YS640, then the Yoder Smokers YS480 is the answer. Traditionally, pellet fired grills have been excellent at smoking and baking but could not create the focused heat at the grate to be considered a serious direct grill. Yoder Smokers has overcome this challenge with their YS Series of pellet cookers outfitted with their direct grilling package. When fit with this package, the grate temperature on the left side soars past the 700-degree mark and produces those coveted steakhouse quality grill marks, fast cooking times, intense caramelization, color and texture common to cooking over an open fire or gas fired grill.

The YS Pellet Cookers also offer superior quality and taste when used traditionally as a pellet fired smoker. With second-to-none build craftsmanship, the YS Pellet Cookers help to produce the flavor that only wood fires can produce, all with the ease of "set it and forget it" operation.

Yoder Smokers YS480 Pellet Smoker Features

  • Made in America's heartland Digital control and display
  • YS480 has 480 square inches of cooking surface (20" x 24")
  • Optional 2nd shelf brings total cooking space to 800 square inches
  • 150 – 600-degrees in 5-degree increments
  • 20 pound hopper capacity
  • 10 gauge steel cooking chamber, 14 gauge steel on hopper and cart
  • Weight: 263lbs
  • Warranty: 10 years on grill body, 3 years on control system, 1 year on igniter
Optional Smoking Kit Optional Grilling Kit
  • Probe Port
  • Two (2) 19" x 22" Frogmats
  • 12" A-MAZ-N Tube Smoker
  • Maverick ET-732 Wireless BBQ Thermometer
  • 3 GrillGrates w/ GrateTool
  • Cattleman's Grill Seasoning Pack (California Tri-Tip, Steakhouse and Smokey Chipotle)
  • Weber 6492 Instant Read Thermometer

Available Product Options

$1,149.00 - Yoder Smokers YS480 Pellet Smoker (expect a 2-3 week wait, ships from factory) (365.0 Pounds )
$1,224.00 - Yoder Smokers YS480 Pellet Smoker w/ Second Shelf (375.0 Pounds )

Available Product Add-Ons

FREE - Free 40lbs Hickory Pellets (40.0 Pounds)
$29.95 - Thermometer Probe Port (allow for extra build time) (0.5 Pounds)
$39.95 - 36" x 48" Grill Mat (12.0 Pounds)
$59.95 - YS Tel-Tru Door Thermometer (allow for extra build time) (1.0 Pound)
$69.95 - Half Depth Second Shelf (9" Deep) - Must order w/ YS480 2nd Shelf (25.0 Pounds)
$69.99 - Cast Iron Griddle (23.0 Pounds)
$89.95 - GrillGrates (Set of 3, No Grate Tool) (15.0 Pounds)
$102.99 - Direct Grill Grates + Tool (6.0 Pounds)
$109.99 - Optional Grilling Kit (14.0 Pounds)
$113.00 - YS480 Cover (9.0 Pounds)
$119.90 - YS Tel-Tru Dual Door Thermometer (allow for extra build time) (2.0 Pounds)
$139.99 - Optional Smoking Kit (8.0 Pounds)
$219.00 - Thermal Jacket (20.0 Pounds)
$295.00 - Stainless Steel Front and Side Shelves (40.0 Pounds)
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Yoder Pellet YS480 vs Traeger LIL Tex = NO CONTEST

Let me start off by saying that I met Don Carey and his wife when they purchased their new location from my landlord. Over the next 5 months I watched them take a run down building and turn it into a first class facility! Don spares no expense when it comes to quality period. One day we were talking and I asked him what he thought about Traeger smokers as I had just bought one a few months before and was very disappointed in my purchase. Don explained that Traegers have their place and grilling steaks and chops is not really possible on them. HUH that feature is why I bought the thing and my salesperson went on and on about the traeger and how well it would smoke and GRILL meat. The fact is it will not so im stuck with a 700.00 piece of patio art. Don said he designed his YODER line of pellet smoker/grill and overseas every aspect of the manufacturing process which is done at his plant in Hutchinson Ks. One day I strolled over to his showroom and took a look at the Yoder and knew right away this thing was choice!! The thing is built like a tank and well thought out. Worth every penny they have it priced at. The Traeger is made in china and is a tin can compared to the Yoder. I wanted one BAD so I worked a deal with Don and soon I had this baby on my patio and the Traeger on cl. After I set it up and ran it for an hour as per instructions I was ready to see if it would grill just like a charcoal cooker. I put the direct grill kit in and fired it up. The kit does cost a little extra but its well worth it as it built like the rest of the unit and man does it work great. The chicken qtrs. were perfect and the next night the steak was grilled to perfection with the best grill marks a guy can ask for. Im going to test it on a big brisket this week and im sure it will be perfect. The Yoder YS480 holds its temp consistent a critical thing when you are smoking and is user friendly and built to last. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants the best all around cooker on the market. Go check them out in Delano at their new location and take a look at all the goodies they have. They are proof that a mom and pop shop can still make it in todays made in china economy...Thanks guys for quality product!!!! Darin Grimsley

Exceptional product

I purchased The Yoder 480 after a great deal of research. I replaced a Ducane propane grill and a landman propane smoker. We wanted one thing on the patio to do it all.The direct grill feature is much better than I expected far better than any grill I've owned previous.As a smoker it's total control and a pleasure to use. Made in U.S.A. was my first criteria. Overbuilt and skillfully crafted . The price is a real value. I had it shipped to Ohio. I wouldn't have if I wasn't sure .Great deal!!

Proud to own it!

I brought my YS640 to México on a friend´s recommendation, he was right. I takes the complexity of smoking away but this is not the reason why I got it. We live in south of the Sonoran desert and we are over the 100 f most of the year, its almost impossible to stay close to your smoker to watch the fire and temperature. Plus, wood is not as easy to get in the desert. Since I got it, I have been selling food on sundays, I was sold out since day one. Flawles food time after time. I am plnning to get the old time offset cooker to smoke in the winter just for fun. There is really no need for it.

My YS480 Is 3 Products in One

Back in March 2015 I bought a smoker, grill & wood-fired oven from ATBBQ. Conveniently, all three products are in one fantastic machine called the Yoder YS480. It's built like a finely-engineered tank, and has put some of the best meals on my table that I have cooked in years. Forget the Traegers, which are built like a disposable grille (at a high price). The Yoder YS480 is definitely more money, but worth every dollar. If you want a top of the line pellet smoker that does much more than just smoke food, the YS480 or YS640 is the obvious choice. Just ask for Jeremy, who is one of the friendly staff members at ATBBQ for a demo.