Yoder Smokers 24" Kingman

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Need a little more cooking space but not ready to take it on the road with a trailer model yet? The Kingman is a 24" backyard smoker built with all the quality and durability of the Yoder line with a little more space. While it can easily handle large backyard parties, it will work well for everyday family cooking as well. Sure to produce succulent results each and every time, the Kingman is sure to please one and all!

Standard Features:


  • 52" x 24" Cooking Chamber
  • Mounted on steel wheels
  • Cooking Chamber Door Counter Weight
  • Warming Tray
  • Second Shelf in Cooking Chamber
  • Heat Management Plate




  • Charcoal Grate for Cooking Chamber
  • Liquid Propane Log Lighter


Available Product Add-Ons

$79.00 - Charcoal Grate for Cooking Chamber (10.0 Pounds)
$79.00 - Liquid Propane Log Lighter (5.0 Pounds)
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